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“Fun pair I love their style and energy!!!” DAVIDO – Nigerian Grammy winning artist

“Two very young and very cute performers, love their interactions with the crowds.” DJ So Fly

“Little Vessels with a great entertaining and engaging act- left me wanting more!” Silky Criss- Artist

“Love this duo – They are fun and cheeky” Ant and Dec – TV Presenters.

“Duo whose songs are child friendly- These two rappers are one to watch out for the future” Hip Hop Heads

“Amazing duo – They will go far in the future I love them..They are welcomed back to perform again!” Manager:- Luton Kidd n play

“Looking at them they look like two shy children, but when on stage they take total control and it looks like they enjoy every minute…Love their style and brand.” Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel- Head of the children’s club (Cuba).

“Love their Outfits- They are so cute and they seem to have an outfit for each song want to know who designs them!” DJ Smith Hot FM

“Appreciate their confidence – keep up the good work! They are so talented- They will go far!” “First Lady of the Gambia”