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Manager: – Lady J – Nubian Queen Music –Nubianqueen111@gmail.com


Mighty Wise among finalist of  “The Great American international Song Contest

Two Young hip hop Stars Maryam and Hakeem Drammeh widely known by their stage name Mighty Wise, Their Song was judged by tough musical judges who are musical industry in America! They achieved Finalist position with very high marks by the judges – Something to be proud off!
Mighty Wise are optimistic about their future and plan to continue to work with their manager, Lady J says she will continue to encourage and support their talents and she is also impressed with their results!

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Cristan Sardinha- Administrator, Marketer, Voice Over Artist
Mighty Wise is a bright light, in the future of music; their work is educational as well as interesting and catchy. I believe that if they carry on with their music and work hard in the industry -they will go to great places! I love the idea behind their works and am excited to see the impact that these two are going to make on our world!


The Magic Calabash-by Nana Grey-Johnson –CHILDREN’s AUTHOR
Published by Mac Millan


“MIGHTY WISE”  “That is the trade name that jumps to mind for the duo. Good rhythm … and kids cannot go wrong with EDUCATION and a good diet to build them up. Plenty future here!”



Observer Light- Mr. Alpha M Kamara
Mighty Wise has said that making music to educate and entertain is their goal, adding that it makes them happy to see other children smile and dance to their music. The Manager of Mighty Wise said that the young artistes co-write their songs which are really inspiring.


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DJ- Z from Hip Hop Headz played their music on Radio and had great praises of their music- He saw them perform live and he as many adults alike were very impressed! – Will play their track on my radio program.



Mighty Wise is most certainly a kid rap duo with a unique set of skills Gambia has seen. In my opinion, they are a time bomb ready to detonate as they grow. The first time I saw them rock the crowd was on Hip Hop The Nation Monthly concert dressed in their costumes performing their single with the opening verse: “My name is Mighty and his name is Wise, one thing we never do is ever tell lies” … Wow from that point on they captivated everyone’s attention. We stood there in awe watching them rock the stage confidently. Watching them was a beautiful experience and looking forward to see them perform in bigger platforms around the world.



Ant and Dec (Anthony McPartlin, OBE and Declan Donnelly, OBE)

Mighty Wise met with some of their fans:- “Ant and Dec”
The famous duo presenters met up with Mighty Wise during a performance in Manchester and said during their performance “These children are really great and amazing!!!” The Cheeky duo met with the younger cheeky duo- all Laughs!


zoe bullying 2 mw

The Dream Foundation Charity – Zoe Jackson ( MBE)
Love their Act they are amazing- “Love their Song: Stop The Bullying!” Thank you performing in St Albans Arena in front of a large audience who loved them!


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HNE Media:-Video Production:- James Garrett
“Loved the Duo:- Mighty Wise – Cannot forget their performance they really stood out!”
Lawrence Hobbs: – “Loved their energy they obviously love what they do! They are very talented- I would love to write a song for them”


mw10     observer gambia paper

African International Papers.
Mighty Wise are a young, child friendly, hip hop group from UK but they spent a lot of time abroad they are 10 years and 11 years respectively, having recently release their first single “Give up the Loot a fun” and catchy song based on their personality. The Duo is seeking greater opportunities in the entertainment industry as they expand their brand. They had their first public performance and had over 250 young children come out to support them. They have proudly received their first batch of hard core fans!



Chris Grayson- Head Judge- Open Mic
“Mighty Wise – Good routine and well thought through image! You guys are very unique, which is crucial when developing your artist’s brand.”