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  Contact Information:

Email: nubianqueen111@gmail.com

London UK

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(Mighty) Maryam  

MIGHTY WISE-1256 - Copy - Copy

  Age: 11

  Place of birth: London, UK

  LIKES:- Pets / Reading/Swimming/ Languages

  DISLIKES: – Animal Cruelty/  Bad Manners

  Career Interests -Medicine/ Veterinarian

(Wise) Hakeem 


  Age: 10

  Place of birth: London, UK

  LIKES:- Aeroplanes / Swimming/ Inventing things/ Football

  DISLIKES:- Rude Words and Actions / Unclean Places

  Career Interests: Aeronautics / Professional Goalkeeping


Mighty Wise quick stats:

  Genre: Hip Hop/ Child Rap/ Rock/ ‘Hip Pop’

  Manager: Nubian Queen Management

Full bio: Click Here

  Youtube Channel: Youtube.com/mightywisecute2music

  Music Video Links: Give Up The Loot  / I Scream cause I love Ice Cream 

  Lyrics: Click Here


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Press contact:

For press enquiries, please contact us using the number listed above or the form on the     contact page. We are available for venue bookings, gigs, shows/performances, private parties, advertising, commercials, modeling, interviews and promotional goods.